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the Snob, the Curmudgeon, the Seducer and others…

These heads can be seen on the outside of Šibenik cathedral in Croatia. They were sculpted by George the Dalmatian in the 1470s and are portraits of some inhabitants of the town. Altogether there 71 or 72 of them. As you will see, some of these representations are not exactly flattering: rumour has it that it may have something to do whether people contributed to the construction of the church or not…

Šibenik cathedral

George the Dalmatian

Whatever the reason, I’ll let you browse this amazing collection of porttraits that still speak to us after more than 500 years. Maybe you’ll want to give them names, or maybe they’ll remind you of someone you know!

1 thought on “the Snob, the Curmudgeon, the Seducer and others…”

  1. Mr Alan Richardson

    I suspect that when they first appeared they sparked some lively debate and lots of speculation in the local inns.

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