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Meuang Tam, a Khmer temple in Northeastern Thailand

This series of photos was put together in response to a post on Facebook mentioning Prasat Kravan, a Khmer temple in Cambodia. I could see some links to Meuang Tam and found these photographs, taken in 2015, during a private tour in Isan (NE Thailand)

The temple is situated in Buriram province and is believed to have been one of the many stops on the road between the sanctuaries of Angkor and Phimai. Its construction dates to the 11th century in Baphuon style.

One can see a large baray (reservoir) next to the temple. It is thought that it represents the primordial ocean that surrounds Mount Meru, the abode of the gods.

The diagram below shows the basic structure of the complex. 4 out the 5 towers are in quite good condition (although possibly restored) but the main tower has practically disappeared . The four L-shaped ponds were probably used ritually.

The photos below show the main structures of the complex

The friezes sculpted on the pediments have not all been identified. Several of them seem to be guardians of the cardinal points. They are generally shown above kalas (a mask-like figure often used to symbolise the passage of time) and nagas (snakes).

Indra,identified by his vehicle, the 3-headed elephant
Deity, guardian of the cardinal points
Deity, guardian of the cardinal points
Deity, guardian of cardinal points
Pediment showing Krishna defeating the Naga
Close-up of Krishna and the Naga
Wedding of Siva and Parvati (reproduction)
Naga heads on the corner of an L-shaped pond

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