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A few Greek bronze statues


I would like to share with you some of the magnificent Greek bronze statues I have been lucky to see in some museums. Unfortunately, many bronze statues have not survived as they were melted down to make weapons or other metal implements. Virtually all the the ones in this slide show were found on shipwreck sites and have been reassembled.

I have presented these in chronological order but some of the dates are tentative..

You will notice that most of the men are represented naked (the only exception is the charioteer from Delphi) and athletic : this is also the case for marble or stone statues of the archaic (800-500 BC) and classical (500 BC- 323 BC) periods. Women are represented clothed until the time of Praxiteles (395-326 BC) when the first female nudes appear.

If you click on any image it will open in full in a new window.

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